About Jennifer Murdock

Beauty Seen. Valued. Understood. 

I gave birth by the sea in Northern California, in a tub surrounded by two midwives and an apprentice. With the sound of waves all around me, I felt at peace. At home. That day, I brought my daughter, Maya, into the world. She’s a brilliant, beautiful and independent young woman now. But I will never forget that day by the sea, when I first held her in my arms.

My interest in photography began at the age of eleven, when my father gave me his Nikon F. As I grew and learned more about light and shadow, shutter speeds and apertures, he gave me a few more of my favorites. That support spurred my passion, and soon, I was developing my own film in my high school darkroom.

I spent my college years seeking the best photography teachers and mentors I could find. I attended U Mass Amherst, then moved to the New England School of Photography in Boston. I loved the technical side of photography and was fascinated by how equations play out in images.

I held my first portrait show after spending time in Africa. I loved photographing the women in Uganda and was inspired by their strength of spirit. I met some who where building their own literacy schools in the village I was staying in.  They are leading their families forward with love and astonishing resourcefulness. My mother still supports a village there. 

Since then, I’ve photographed mothers of Northwest women moving through the process of pregnancy and birth. I love providing each one of them with a warm, comforting space where they can feel safe and unwrap their bodies to sensuality and the miracle of birth. Afterward, I’m honored to provide them with some of the most precious photographs they will ever own. 


I have a space where women can feel safe enough to unwrap their bodies to own sensuality.