Maternity Sessions 

Studio sessions for maternity is all about how you feel. The studio is spacious as well as private. It has a wall filled with windows for a beautiful natural light affect. This makes it much more comfortable than studio lighting. My most important mission is to allow you to be yourself and at ease. This means you can bring whatever you feel comfortable in. If there is a piece that is meaningful and it calls to you, feel free to add it to your bag of goodies. This can include a shawl, a wrap or jewelry. I suggest some items that can pronounce your belly, whether it is form fitted or it can fall open. I do suggest mindful undergarments. They are a great compliment to the wraps I bring. 

We will spend the time getting images that bring you to a place of beauty. Creating life.  What does it feel like to honor our pregnant bodies and how does that affect our embodiment of joy.

The price of a studio session and 15-20 digital files is $575. 


Digital Files 

There will be 15-25 images for each session included in the price. Images will be photoshopped edited and taken care of by me. I create unique looks to fit the image taken. The files are formatted high resolution. This means each file has the ability to enlarge without distortion. You also have printing rights for anything except commercial use.  Black and white copies of each file included. 

Fine Art Prints 

I also shoot with film cameras with real negatives. I will probably go through different spells of which one. It is so fun. I started shooting with my father's vintage Nikon F. It is a thrill to be back and able to play. What comes from real film cannot be replicated. 

I print from a professional printer on Division St. It is fine art grade inkjet print on beautiful paper. I also use a local framer. 

12x12 framed print is $400. 


Starting a two weeks old and going to four weeks in the opportune time for the studio. I have a basket and a few blankets. You can bring some hats and special gifts like clothes or blankets. I suggest a swaddle or two it works as a calming agent. Bring something cozy to wrap them in so they can be warm and relaxed and so they won't want to escape.  Since you are in the studio including parents is nice. Feel free to bring in anyone else you would like to add. 

Studio session time and 15-25 digital files   $425



For families and children we can do a shoot at a park or in the studio. It will be one hour of a session and digital files. One hour is plenty of time for all kinds of configurations. I like walking around Laurelhurst Park and finding where the sun is shining in a great place and a bench looks like the perfect place. I still leave time for play. Children like to play and cooperate more when feeling like it isn't a chore. The studio has a more formal look, but they are still causal and fun as you want them to be. 

15-25 digital images 

Outdoor  $325

Studio    $425